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Common Dreams School @ Cas-co

What kind of schools do we need as a gestu­re of care for the pla­ne­ta­ry? How can we form artis­tic and sci­en­ti­fic alli­an­ces in cre­a­ting learning spa­ces? How learning spa­ces, and eco­pe­da­go­gies can help us shift our unsustai­na­ble pre­sent? Do we need other ways of reci­pro­ci­ty, sup­port and also peda­go­gi­cal structures?

The recent Covid-19 pan­de­mic and the pla­ne­ta­ry emer­g­en­cy is no lon­ger an ima­gi­ned con­cept of sur­vi­val, it has beco­me part of our lives. Daily we are in con­tact with the loss of a river, with the dis­ap­pe­a­ran­ce of a forest or a spa­ce dear to us. How can we move and cope within this entang­led mess and find our strength in gestu­res of reci­pro­cal care with the more than human world?

Common Dreams:flotation school is a mobi­le pro­to­ty­pe for a sur­vi­val cli­ma­te school, that can tra­vel and adapt to other cities in col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve alli­an­ces with local uni­ver­si­ties, art insti­tu­ti­ons and sustai­na­ble organizations. The schools are trans­dis­ci­pli­na­ry exchan­ge in the for­mat of work­shops, lec­tu­res, numerous dis­cus­si­ons and embo­died expe­rien­ces as sin­ging, eating, snor­ke­ling, lis­te­ning, con­tem­pla­ting, rea­ding tarot, acti­va­ting, rebel­ling and res­to­ring. But also a moment to recon­nect, res­to­re hare emo­ti­ons, resi­lien­ce and acti­ve res­pon­ses with the natu­ral habitats.

During four ses­si­ons taking pla­ce eve­ry time in a dif­fe­rent loca­ti­on, the Common Dreams School inter­wea­ves our dreams and expe­ri­ments with sur­vi­val tools as pro­po­sals to adapt to the new­ness and the unknown that we are facing. Throughout the­se series of com­mu­nal expe­ri­ments and hands-on ritu­als and magi­cal acti­vism we will focus on resi­lient tools dea­ling with men­tal care, modes of kins­hip, mourning of dama­ged lands­ca­pes and envi­ron­men­tal justice.

During the gatherings, we will set an inten­ti­on to expe­ri­ment with dif­fe­rent methods, as an alche­mic trans­for­ma­ti­ve pro­cess, using new dia­lo­gues and voca­bu­la­ry to resist, recon­nect and act.

Each ses­si­on is acti­va­ted by the ener­gy of the four ele­ments (fire- air-earth- water), as an align­ment pro­cess with the geo­po­li­ti­cal and ter­re­stri­al cos­mo­lo­gy. Therefore, each ses­si­on will take pla­ce in situ, in a dif­fe­rent envi­ron­ment, in the forest, by the river or immer­sed in a dama­ged landscape.

The fol­lo­wing series will be a spe­ci­al edi­ti­on of the school. It is an attempt to cre­a­te a ​“sha­ra­ble pro­cess” bet­ween edi­ti­ons. Therefore, it will have the for­mat of a ​“con­flu­en­ce”, bet­ween the pre­vious par­ti­ci­pants of the school devel­o­ped last year in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with Cifas and new participants.

Maria Lucia Cruz Correia for Cas-Co


Invited by Maria Lucia Cruz Correia along with other participants of previous editions of the school to connect with new landscapes and gather new persons together to dream of what we can offer to this world and observe what it can teach us, we proposed together reflexions as an open dialogue within ourselves and with the elements around us.


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